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Blended Measures offers the following services for individuals and families who have or desire to start a personal grant-making foundation, or individuals vetting community organizations to volunteer in leadership roles or establish relationships to contribute financially to.

Comprehensive Fundraising Leadership

If your nonprofit is in need of interim fundraising leadership, look no further than Blended Measures Consulting Group! We seamlessly take the reins in managing the high-level essential tasks of your development office. Our clients can be assured in knowing their fundraising operations are not incapacitated during staff transitions or organizational growth. Blended Measures can serve in a short or long-term capacity, working alongside your organization for as long as we are needed.

We understand how crucial a functioning development department is to sustain programmatic operations and delivery of essential services to the community. The Blended Measures team of professionals provide the greatest level of attentiveness to oversee all phases of your fundraising process. We create and execute purpose-driven fundraising strategies to secure diverse philanthropic resources for annual operating budgets ranging from $200,000 to more than $10 million. We partner with Board and staff leadership to effectively position nonprofit organizations for future success, sustainability and growth in achieving your annual goals. 

Our all-inclusive customized strategies for managing your development operations include:

Write and execute annual fundraising-centered development plan with customized cultivation strategies to engage support from individuals, foundations, corporations, private and public grants, and community partnerships.

Implement strategies to secure new donors through digital and social platforms to expand the organization’s bandwidth and reach.

Expand relational fundraising opportunities by engaging board and staff leadership to leverage existing connections and affiliations with key foundations, corporations and individuals. 

Design customized and personalized strategies for Annual Giving Campaign, with a focus on individuals and family foundations.

Design customized corporate giving strategy and solicitation plan.

Review annual grant pipeline, calendar and applications for submissions.

Manage annual fundraising calendar and associated activities.

Design customized stewardship plan to keep donors properly engaged and informed.

Manage donor communications strategy.

Evaluate, manage or create (if one does not currently exist) Gift processing plans and data entry processes

Collaborative Strategy Sessions

Could your Executive team or development team benefit from high-level consulting advice but do not have the budget to pay for a full engagement? Thinking about new ideas to help propel your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy? Hitting a wall and need fresh innovative ideas to consider? Not sure how to move forward with a new fundraising program or initiative? Need to phone a friend just to “pick their brain”? Blended Measures is here for you!

We offer ½ day and full day listening and feedback strategy sessions to help move your plans along. Hours may be used at once, or may be used within a 30-day period (usage billed in 30-minute increments).

Choose from ½ day (up to 4 hours) or 1 full day (up to 8 hours) sessions.

Dedicated fundraising professional available to provide advice, implementation recommendations, feedback and answer questions for all things related to fundraising strategy and planning.

Mentoring for New Development Professionals

Nonprofits sometimes hire staff that may need specific on-the-job development training. Blended Measures provides meaningful mentoring to help newly minted development professionals hit the ground running.

Dedicated Blended Measures fundraising professional to provide one-to-one coaching for new to mid-level Development professionals 

Provide individual training on basics of fundraising to successfully execute comprehensive development plan and achieve goals.

Will be available to review development plan, goals, strategy, processes, etc. and make recommendations to ensure all meet objectives for strong and compelling fundraising success.

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